Internship Resources Part 2: Search Engines

4 Feb

This is part 2 of my Internship Resources sequence of three! Check out Part 1- Internship Advice & Tips before reading this one!

There are endless job search engines such as Mediabistro, Monster, Indeed, Craig’s List, etc. but these are my favorites that include many or all intern-specific opportunities and have a strong focus in the communications (PR, marketing, social media, writing, graphic design, etc.) field. All of these search engines have a twitter as well that you should definitely follow! I will link them all below….



Twitter: @ed2010news

This job search engine is specific to magazines! Whisper Jobs (the job listings section of the site) is constantly updated with a huge list to take a look at and a great chance you’ll find at least one you want to apply to…if working for a magazine interests you. There are positions such as writing, creative director, art director, blogger, photo assistant, beauty intern, researcher, fashion intern, etc. The opportunities with magazines go from one end of the spectrum to another and therefore can become an incredible eye-opening and networking experience. ED2010 tweets about all of their new open positions, so it is highly suggested you follow them while you’re in the internship searching process. Follow them or not, they update the availability constantly! I have practically gotten in the habit of checking it daily for new opportunities. I have also noticed that Ed2010 has some school-specific accounts as well (I follow ED2010UCF).

2. Intern Queen

Twitter: @InternQueen

Lauren Berger, also known as the one and only Intern Queen, is a University of Central Florida alumni- which is where I am proud to say I currently attend! She is an inspiration to us all, especially in the intern world. During her four years of college, she completed an astonishing 15 internships! Her drive, commitment, and passion for the intern world has now led to her enormous success as the Intern Queen! Her website, linked above, has a internship listing section that is for some of the very best companies to work for. In fact, she works with over 500 employers all over the US and Canada. It is completely free to join and 100% worth it if you haven’t already. The internship opportunities she shares with us are for everything from advertising to broadcasting to graphic design to PR to sports to health to music to non-profit….the list goes on. Her internship listings as not specific just to New York and Los Angeles, but also places such as Orlando, Alabama, DC and more. Like all of these other resources mentioned, her site is continuously updated as new opportunities become available. Therefore, I suggest you follow her on Twitter! She posts about new open positions, intern advice, as well as sharing articles from her Campus Ambassadors from all around the country. The UCF ambassador happens to be my boss for one of my internships with Her Campus! Lauren Berger also travels to many schools (high school and college) around the country and, you never know, she may be coming to your school next!

3. & &

Twitter: @FashionIntern & @Beauty_Intern & @EntertainIntern & @Music_Intern

Carla Isabel, the creator of the above sites & Twitter handles for internships in the fashion, beauty, entertainment and music internships, has been such an enormous resource to me and many other prospective interns around the country. I personally love the way that she separates the different areas of interest into separate sites, for the obsessive-organizational trait I most certainly possess. This also makes it much easier to only follow what you’re interested in, instead of getting all of these tweets in areas you may not care about in your feed or scrolling forever on a page to find an opportunity you want to read more about. She also has a blog When I was an Intern… launched just last month that “features industry veterans sharing tips on how they went from interns to insiders.” I only recently discovered it, but I absolutely love reading this blog! There are a lot of Q&A with industry professionals that are fun and informative to read, and of course very inspiring since they were once interns themselves.

These I have found to be my favorite internship search engines in my search for a PR-related internship in NYC this summer.  The opportunities truly are endless, and the way that an ordinary college student aspiring to be an intern can apply to these renowned, successful companies in big cities FOR FREE is incredible, so you might as well take advantage of it!

I will be retweeting many of the tweets from the above resources @trulytwenties – follow me! 


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